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6 pouches of medium treats (net 1598g -- Save £18.20)

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Product Code: MTMTSR
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Price: £54.60

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Not sure which treats to buy or want to buy a selection for your 'best friend'

The multi-treats give you a selection of delicious treat varieties which are:

2 x Liver, 1 x Blueberry & Liver, 1 x  Arctic Fish, 1 x Cranberry & Liver, 1 x Fruit & Veg

(To swap one of the Liver pouches for a Garlic & Liver pouch, select the SWAP option)

This particular item consists of 6 pouches of our medium treats

All for £54.60 giving you a massive saving of £18.20

Need help selecting a treat size - this table should make things easier

Primary Use
Small Treats
Medium Treats
Repeat reward training of small or medium breed dogs
General treating of small or medium breed dogs, or puppies over 8 weeks
Repeat reward training or general treating of larger breed dogs (22kg+)


Just remember, there are no hard and fast rules and both the small and medium treats have been designed with training in mind. So if you feel your small breed dog will respond better to a larger treat, or you simply want to make your general treating more special, then by all means give the medium treats. All of our treats are ultra low or no fat and have no added sodium or anything that will affect your dog's diet - just stick to the feeding guide. Unlike many other treats on the market, ours have been designed from the ground up by canine nutrition experts to be exceptionally healthy. Therefore they contain NO grains or cereals (including rice or oats), nothing artificial and no GMO. They are gluten free and hypoallergenic, so will not upset sensitive tums.

Remember to warm the treats in your hand to release the aroma of the treat and break one or two over your dog’s nose to enjoy their undivided attention.

Feeding Guide:


  Small Treats Medium Treats
Miniature breed (1-5kg)
Small breed (5-15kg)
40-70 20-30
Medium breed (15-22kg)
70-100 30-40
Large breed (22-34kg)
100-150 40-60

*This is a guide only, individual needs may vary depending on age, breed and activity level

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