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Small Garlic & Liver Treats (1850 Treats) - 2 x Pouches of 925 (net 554g)

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This is for 2 pouches of 925 Small Garlic & Liver Treats - Total 1850 Treats


All the goodness and meaty taste of our foundation liver treat range with the renowned added health benefits of garlic, one of the true wonders of the vegetable world. Garlic has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It contains at least 30 compounds that have been reported to be useful for a variety of conditions from skin disorders to cancer. In fact, holistic veterinarians have been recommending garlic for many years for its multiple health benefits.

Here are the main health benefits of garlic for dogs:

  • Boosting the Immune System - Garlic stimulates immune functions in the bloodstream. It is therefore beneficial for dogs with suppressed immune systems. Moderate garlic supplementation in the diets of even healthy dogs can boost their immune systems to help fight any potential illness.
  • Fighting Bacterial/Viral/Fungal Infections - Garlic is a powerful antimicrobial and antibiotic and is effective in fighting various forms of internal or external bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, including parasites. Garlic fed as part of a dog's diet can fight infections of the mouth, throat, respiratory tract, stomach, or intestines.
  • Enhancing Liver Function - Garlic has detoxifying effects. Compounds contained in garlic can enhance liver function by helping the liver to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Cardiovascular Tonic - A compound in garlic is effective at preventing blood clot formation in the vascular system. It can also reduce cholesterol levels and fat buildup in the arteries. Therefore, it is an excellent cardiovascular tonic for older dogs.
  • Tick/Flea Repellent - The exact reason and extent of garlic's effect on tick and flea prevention is not clear. It may be due to the odor released through the dog's skin as the compounds in garlic are metabolised. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of reports on the effectiveness of garlic (especially in combination with brewer's yeast) as a tick/flea repellent.

So as you can see, as well as providing a great tasting reward, these treats could also offer many potential health benefits.

Our Garlic & Liver Treats are available in small, medium and large sizes. We would recommend the small size for training of any size or breed of dog where you will be repeat rewarding. For anytime treating just select the treat size that works best for you, bearing in mind the medium and large treats can be broken in half if you have both small and larger breed dogs.

Just warm the treat in your hand to release the characteristic aroma of liver, break a few above your dog’s nose and enjoy their undivided attention.

Maximum daily allowance:

Mini Breeds/Puppies 8 weeks+ (1-5kg)
10 - 30 small
Small Breed (5-15kg)
30-50 small / 20-30 Medium
Medium Breed (15-22kg)
50-70 small / 30-40 medium 
Large breed (22-34kg+)
70-100 small / 40-60 medium 


NOTE: Remember to take any treating into account with your dogs daily food intake allowance. As with all treats and food, make sure your dog has fresh water available should they want it.


Composition: pork liver, brewers yeast, minerals, garlic powder

Analytical constituents:
Protein 36.5%
Minerals 12.3%
Moisture 5.4%
Dietary fibre 4.4 %
Oils & fats 3.3%
Ash 1.1%
Sodium trace

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