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Multivitamin & Liver - 200g

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We have produced a multi-vitamin powder which is so much tastier to your dog than plain tablets, because of the addition of our famous pork liver powder.  No more struggling to get them to take the essential vitamins and minerals that may be missing from their daily diet.  Just sprinkle it over your dog’s food and watch them munch it up.


*         Great supplement for sporting and working dogs

*         Helps maintain a healthy coat and skin

*         Helps your dog enjoy an active and healthy life

*         Contains minerals calcium, copper & iron

*         Contains vitamins A, B Complex, D, E, K

*         Anti-oxidant


Recommended Feeding Guide:

Mix in with one meal per day.

Small dogs <10kg: not more than 1/2 a teaspoon.

Med. dogs 10-20kg: up to 1 teaspoon.

Large dogs >20kg: up to 2  teaspoons.


Keep in an airtight container

Composition:          multi-vitamins, powdered pork liver, minerals, pork haemoglobin, brewer’s yeast


Analysis per 1000g


Vit A 320,000 iu

Vit D 33,000 iu

Vit E 2,700 iu

Vit K3 45 mg

Vit B1 55mg

Vit B2 114mg

Vit B5 240 mcg

Vit B6 72mg

Vit B12 400 mcg

Biotin 3.5 mg

Folic Acid 90 mg

Copper 360 mg

Iron 760 mg

Manganese 1.4 g

Cobalt 16 mg

Iodine 18mg

Zinc 1.4 mg

Selenium 3.5 mg

Choline chloride 1.8 g

Monocalcium phosphate 77 g

Magnesium 700 mg

Sodium 170 mg

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