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Back To Basics - Managing Your Puppy's Diet

You've got your first puppy, and you want to make sure you give him or her the very best start in life. It's really important to remember that every dog has their own unique requirements and you will get to know what your puppy likes and dislikes, but this may be a learning curve. Just like any baby, your puppy needs balanced, carefully monitored nutrition to help them develop and grow. Th...

Posted On: 15/10/2017

When Should I Start Training My Puppy?

When it comes to taking on a puppy, one of the first things you should start to consider is what you need to do to ensure you have a well mannered, socialised and publically bahved adult dog. Owners sometimes if it is too early to start training their puppy, thinking “He needs to settle in” or “ He needs to get to know us”, however training your new pet should begin from da...

Posted On: 31/01/2017

Teaching Your Puppy To Walk On A Lead

Puppies are an incredibly amount of fun! They are full of energy and love but you may not think it is so much fun when you’re trying to get them to walk on a lead, although they may think it is playtime! We need our dogs to be able to walk on a lead so we can take them out safely, but puppies don’t quite understand that. Safety and security are a vital consideration for dog owners, not...

Posted On: 23/10/2017