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Antioxidant Powder - 500g

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A fabulous fruit, vegetable and sea vegetable mix offering a great way to de-stress your dog's body and enhance their immune system - the best 'natural' anti-oxidant you can buy

A super healthy 'Natural' antioxidant containing the best fruit, vegetables and 'sea vegetables' designed by nature just for this job. This mix contains blueberry, pumpkin, carrot, apple, sea kelp and brewers yeast. To top it all we add some of our low fat liver powder to add to give the mix a taste your dog will not be able to resist.

All of the fruit and vegetable ingredients here have been tested for their antioxidant content and effectiveness and all are listed among the top 10 best natural antioxidants known to man (and dog). As well as a great taste enhancer, our human grade liver powder conatins a high level of protein and our brewers yeast is chock full of b-complex vitamins, again a great natural antioxidant.

We believe we have produced one of the best health giving and tasting antioxidants you could give your dog, so if it's an antioxidant you want then look no further!

directions for use:

Small dogs under 10kg (20lbs) not more than half a level teaspoon in one meal a day.

Medium dogs 10-20kg (20-50lbs) up to one level teaspoon in one meal a day.

Large dogs over 20kg (50lbs) up to two level teaspoons in one meal a day.


Keep in an airtight container

Liver powder



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