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Mike Grantham, Dog Behaviour Specialist - Scotland, from Rewarding Dogs   www.dogbehaviourandtrainingscotland.co.uk

For about 10 years now I have been using Barker and Barker treats.  There can be  very few dogs who won’t be motivated either by the liver, the liver and garlic or the artic fish treats. They are ideal for training and behavioural modification.   I find the medium size is fine for any breed and they can be kept in the pocket without making a sticky mess.  It is now no longer necessary to stink the house out making your own liver based treats.  Because they are made from high quality natural ingredients I have no fears about adverse reactions.

Sara Davies, Veterinary Behaviourist and Dog Trainer  - Devon  www.petsandtheirpeople.net

Barker and Barker Little Liver Training Treats have proved particularly successful at my puppy training and socialisation classes for many years now. I use them myself to encourage positive associations in the socialisation sessions and to demo behaviours in the training lessons. Owners see how well their dogs are motivated by them and, of course, what they can achieve with that motivation and so they are a great seller too! Their small size, and ability to be snapped into even smaller pieces without losing their appeal to the dog, makes them perfect for the number of repetitions required in training classes, for ANY size dog, and for those owners who don't like to handle meat or wet food they are ideal. Having tried many different providers over the years, this is the best product I have found and comes with excellent customer service.

Barnet & District Dog Training Club - London              www.trainingdogs.co.uk

The Barnet & District Dog Training Club have been using Barker & Barker products for about 20 years, we run classes in north London and have a very discerning clientele, we have always found that the Liver Treat and Arctic fish treat range are by far the most popular and useful treat when training puppies and dogs. The treats are both practical and easy to handle and the dogs appear to be very fond of them too! I always use them when training my own dogs and so do many other trainers that I know in both obedience and agility.

I would thoroughly recommend the Barker & Barker product range, I also cannot fault their customer service. No sooner have I placed my order then it arrives.

Stephen Harrison - One Man and His Gundogs      www.onemanandhisgundogs.co.uk

"I was asked to try out the range of Barker and Barker training treats during my training sessions for my Gundogs as we prepare for our remaining demonstrations of Gundog skills, basic training tips and tricks under the banner of "One Man and his Gundogs".

 Initially, I was sceptical about the size and shape of the treats. Being small in size and with the appearance of a tablet, I was concerned that a) the dog would not be able to taste anything so small and therefore it would not be registered in the dog's mind as a reward and b) a treat in the form of a tablet would not be appealing to my dogs.

 Because all my training methods are reward-based, a dog might get treated up to 10 times during each of their 15 minute sessions that each dog receives three times daily. That's 30 treats per dog per day to ensure that they are foot-perfect for all the disciplines we demonstrate. With that amount of treats, I was very keen that the quality of the product would complement the dog's daily intake of food, be nutritious and not just serve as a tasty morsel.

 I'm please to say that all my concerns have disappeared now that I have been using the treats for 2 months. First, the size: the dogs love the small treats, although sometimes they are hoovered down without chewing! When I load up my treat bag, the dogs are more animated than they usually were when I used my previous treats - homemade liver cake. The scent is clearly very appealing and it is obvious that they love the taste. Next the tablet shape: I've become a fan of the tablet. It doesn't make any difference to the dogs what the shape is: they are greedy for them but for me, it is a real benefit to have a pocket full of hard treats that don't crumble or go off if I leave them in my pocket by mistake for a few days! They are clean, convenient and easy to handle.

 Next, the content: I'm very picky about what my dogs eat and ensure a balance diet commensurate with their work load. So if I am to put 30 treats into a dog a day, I need to be confident about what they contain. What I found reassuring was the guide on the packet advising me of how many treats a dog could consume within 24 hours. Next, the treats are made from 100% natural, human-grade ingredients with no cereals or anything artificial. They are low in fat, salt and calories, so there is no need to worry about repeat treating resulting in weight gain.

 In summary, I am delighted with the Barker & Barker products. They are ideal for my needs which necessitate repeat treating. The dogs love them, they are healthy, nutritious and 100% natural. I couldn't ask for anything more and am always delighted to recommend them at all the shows and events at which we perform."


Stella Bagshaw, APDT Office (APDT Member 00404)  http://www.apdt.co.uk  

Barker and Barker treats are excellent for clicker training. The small size is great to use even for larger dogs. They are eaten quickly without leaving crumbs on the ground that dogs may sniff around for. This can be especially helpful when teaching new Agility classes. I encourage all new handlers to use them rather than liver cake or similar treats, that leave bits in the grass that the next dog may then find distracting. 

My own dogs love all the flavours and because they are easy to handle they can be put straight into a pocket without the bother of plastic bags, etc. to keep clothes clean.

I am very fussy about what commercial treats I use, as the ingredients in some are very dubious. I completely trust the ingredients in B&B.