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Managing Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

We would love to be able to take our dogs with us wherever we went, but unfortunately that is not the case! Sometimes we will have to leave our friends at home while we go out and unfortunately some dogs will experience separation anxiety when we do. Separation anxiety can vary in the levels at which a dog will experience distress, some dogs are happy to be left alone for short periods, whereas ot...

Posted On: 31/08/2017

Back To Basics - Managing Your Puppy's Diet

You've got your first puppy, and you want to make sure you give him or her the very best start in life. It's really important to remember that every dog has their own unique requirements and you will get to know what your puppy likes and dislikes, but this may be a learning curve. Just like any baby, your puppy needs balanced, carefully monitored nutrition to help them develop and grow. Th...

Posted On: 15/10/2017

Doggie Day Care And Pet Sitting - Is It Right For Your Dog?

“Doggie Daycare” where you bring your dogs to play for the day is rising in popularity - it has seen a huge rise in availability in the past couple of years, perhaps as a combination of us working longer hours and acknowledgement that our dogs do not like to be left alone for long periods.. For anyone who doesn't know, it gives your pooch a chance to make pals with others at a home...

Posted On: 15/10/2017