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How Much Exercise Is Enough For My Dog?

Taking your dog for a walk is not just a good way to get your out of the house, it is a necessity for your dog that they get the right exercise in order to live a healthy lifestyle. We are all used to reading reports outlining the impact of obesity in humans yet this is a big problem for your pet too and spending too much time curled up in front of the fire may be a contributing factor to this. It...

Posted On: 31/01/2017

Why Do Dogs Chew?

Chewing can be an incredibly difficult part of owning a dog. When a dog chews there are various reasons this behaviour may be triggered ranging from their current environment, their age or even the type of dog you own.  Dogs are inquisitive animals and will naturally want to explore their surroundings which will include sniffing, tasting or occasionally chewing objects. When Puppies Chew ...

Posted On: 08/02/2017

The Dangers Of Obesity In Dogs

So you know how dogs basically have a bottomless pit for a stomach? Well apart from using this to clean up the dropped food from dinner time, their lack of self-control is a bit problematic. Obesity comes down to two things, be it in humans, dogs, or any other species: intake of food, and exercise. Obesity occurs when energy intake is greater than energy used. The excess weight causes a whole host...

Posted On: 26/02/2017

Caring For Your Dog When The Temperature Rises

Over the last couple of weeks, we have noticed the temperature has been up and down. This week is forecast to reach highs that we, with mod cons such as air conditioning, could find unpleasantly hot in the UK, so imagine what it must be like for our four legged friends. As responsible dog owners, we know Barker & Barker dog lovers are considerate and caring when it comes to managing their dog&...

Posted On: 11/06/2017

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK The UK is a nation of dog lovers. We love all types of dogs, big and small and all between. But which are the UK’s most loved? You may be surprised at some of the entries on the list that make the grade. No matter what breed, what age of dog, and the lifestyle. they can all enjoy our Barker & Barker natural dog treats (unless you have a Dalmatian who ...

Posted On: 10/08/2017

Helping Your Dog Stay Calm On Fireworks Night

It is one of the main weekend for fireworks again this week (Aside from New Year). Whether people attend organised displays or are hosting parties in their own back gardens, it will be hard for your dog to escape from the noise. For some dogs, it is just a run of the mill day like any other, but some dogs can become highly distressed and panic. Unlike one off noises, fireworks last a long time an...

Posted On: 02/11/2017

Worrying Number Of Dogs Treated For Chocolate Poisoning At Easter In 2017

It's Easter again and there are Chocolate eggs and Hot cross buns everywhere! While we are looking forward to indulging in sweet treats,  it's really important for pet owners to keep chocolate treats safely out of reach of inquisitive pets this Easter. Findings released by British Veterinary Association reveal that six in ten (62%) vets treating small animals saw at least one case of ...

Posted On: 29/03/2018