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How Much Exercise Is Enough For My Dog?

Taking your dog for a walk is not just a good way to get your out of the house, it is a necessity for your dog that they get the right exercise in order to live a healthy lifestyle. We are all used to reading reports outlining the impact of obesity in humans yet this is a big problem for your pet too and spending too much time curled up in front of the fire may be a contributing factor to this. It...

Posted On: 31/01/2017

The Dangers Of Obesity In Dogs

So you know how dogs basically have a bottomless pit for a stomach? Well apart from using this to clean up the dropped food from dinner time, their lack of self-control is a bit problematic. Obesity comes down to two things, be it in humans, dogs, or any other species: intake of food, and exercise. Obesity occurs when energy intake is greater than energy used. The excess weight causes a whole host...

Posted On: 26/02/2017

Managing Diabetes In Your Dog

Diabetes in dogs is much the same as diabetes in humans. It is a lifelong condition, but it is not something which means the dog must be mollycoddled, and something which must be seen as a crutch; it is just something to be careful about. It also doesn't mean that you have to stop giving them their favourite Barker & Barker treats, but you need to balance their diet.  It is thought to...

Posted On: 12/03/2017

Managing Allergies In Dogs

Just as human's suffer can suffer with a range of allergies, so can our dogs. Allergies can be very uncomfortable, they can impact on mood, health and even behaviour. Understanding some of the most common allergies that our pet dogs can suffer with can help identifiy problems before they start and manage the symptoms of common canine allergies. Food allergies This is among the most commo...

Posted On: 30/04/2017

Back To Basics - Managing Your Puppy's Diet

You've got your first puppy, and you want to make sure you give him or her the very best start in life. It's really important to remember that every dog has their own unique requirements and you will get to know what your puppy likes and dislikes, but this may be a learning curve. Just like any baby, your puppy needs balanced, carefully monitored nutrition to help them develop and grow. Th...

Posted On: 15/10/2017