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How Much Exercise Is Enough For My Dog?

Taking your dog for a walk is not just a good way to get your out of the house, it is a necessity for your dog that they get the right exercise in order to live a healthy lifestyle. We are all used to reading reports outlining the impact of obesity in humans yet this is a big problem for your pet too and spending too much time curled up in front of the fire may be a contributing factor to this. It is reported that around 55% of pets in the UK are overweight with a worrying proportion classified as clinically obese. Combined with a balanced diet, exercise helps control your dog’s waistline and keep his circulation, muscles, and heart healthy. Keeping older dogs active can help alleviate some of the stiffness and discomfort that comes from arthritis. It is important to remember walking a dog is not just something you think you have to do, but it’s a necessity.


Dogs enjoy being active, certain breeds are used to working,  and in order to provide them the level of exercise they require it is not enough just to open the backdoor and let them play in the garden, you need to be the driving force behind exercising them. Exercise can come in various forms; going for a long walk, going out for a run with your dog and even games such as fetch. Boredom can become a problem if a dog does not get enough exercise, and many dogs will suffer boredom if they are kept in door too much and getting the exercise they require. Boredom also leads to frustration and there are a number of key signs your dog is frustrated; barking, chasing its tail, digging and causing general destruction. If your dog suffers from a number of these it is worth asking are they getting enough regular activity? (A helpful tip could be to hide some of our natural dog treats inside a toy, or old toilet roll will keep them occupied for ages. Try different varieties such a Little Liver Treats one day, or delicious Cranberry and Liver natural dog treats the next!

Keeping your dog’s favourite Barker and Barker treats in your pocket to reward your dog out on a walk can help with recall and rewarding positive behaviour. Low in fat, highly palatable and low in calories they are even ideal for four legged pets on a diet!

Posted On: 31/01/2017

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