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Keeping Your Dog Safe At Christmas

December is here and Christmas is on the way! Amongst the excitement of decorating, wrapping presents and preparing food,It is important to consider the needs of our four legged friends. The festive season is one of the most precarious for dog owners, there are dangers hidden everywhere from plants to common festive foods. To keep your dog safe this Christmas, we have a few helpful suggestions on what to avoid! Festive food and drink Chocolate : The number one poison that dogs come a

Posted On: 07/12/2017

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK The UK is a nation of dog lovers. We love all types of dogs, big and small and all between. But which are the UK’s most loved? You may be surprised at some of the entries on the list that make the grade. No matter what breed, what age of dog, and the lifestyle. they can all enjoy our Barker & Barker natural dog treats (unless you have a Dalmatian who must be extra cautious with liver content of course!) 10 – German Shepherd Highly intell

Posted On: 10/08/2017

Restrictions On The Sale Of Puppies Under 8 Weeks Of Age

Tougher dog breeding licensing rules to better protect thousands of puppies were introduced today. The plans to tighten up laws around selling pets and breeding dogs will make it completely illegal to sell puppies younger than eight weeks and require anyone breeding and selling three or more litters of puppies a year to apply for a formal licence. Irresponsible breeders who don’t stick to these rules face an unlimited fine and/or up to six months in prison. The ne

Posted On: 02/02/2017