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Teaching Your Puppy To Walk On A Lead

Puppies are an incredibly amount of fun! They are full of energy and love but you may not think it is so much fun when you’re trying to get them to walk on a lead, although they may think it is playtime! We need our dogs to be able to walk on a lead so we can take them out safely, but puppies don’t quite understand that. Safety and security are a vital consideration for dog owners, not to mention it is illegal to have your dog out of control in a public area. Here are a few tips on how to teach your puppy to walk on a lead.

The first thing you will need is the right collar for your puppy. This shouldn’t be too big or too small or too heavy. You need to be able to put two fingers in between the collar and the dog comfortably. If you aren’t sure, staff at pet supply stores are always willing to give some helpful advice.

Once your puppy is used to wearing a collar, then you should introduce the lead. If you introduce it while something good is happening, then they associate it with good things. For example, try attaching it to them and patting them, giving them fuss and then taking it off. A Barker and Barker Natural Dog Treat is a great way to positivly reinfornce having the lead around. After a few days, hold he lead loosely while following your puppy around. They will get used to the feeling of someone holding onto it then.

For this next step, be sure to have your Barker and Barker natural dog treats to hand, the pots are amazing as they shake and your dog will start to associate the noise with a reward! Start to teach the “heel” command by showing your pup where to walk at your side. If the puppy starts to pull, gently nudge them back (never yank on the lead since this can make things scary again after a that trying to associate with good). When they come back then reward with a treat and plenty of praise! Start indoors then in the garden before making it out into the big world. Over time, your puppy will know where to walk, making “walkies!” an enjoyable time for both you and them.

As with any youngster, teaching a puppy to walk on a lead requires patience, repetition and lots of attention and time. Get it right at the start and your dog will be a pleasure to walk!

Posted On: 23/10/2017

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