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Helping Your Dog Stay Calm On Fireworks Night

It is one of the main weekend for fireworks again this week (Aside from New Year). Whether people attend organised displays or are hosting parties in their own back gardens, it will be hard for your dog to escape from the noise.
For some dogs, it is just a run of the mill day like any other, but some dogs can become highly distressed and panic. Unlike one off noises, fireworks last a long time and are erractic, loud and high pitched, causing up to 45% of the UK's pets to become worried.

Some advise issued by the RSPCA and vets-now.com can help you prepare your dog for what could be a very frightening experience, and we are sharing those tips here on our Barker and Barker blog.

If you have a young puppy, ideally if you can, do not react to the noise. Learning experiences can help shape how your dog reacts in future, so if you have a new addition for their first bonfire night, try to have a "normal" evening, and do not react to any noises.

Tips for Helping Your Dog On Bonfire Night

• Take your dog for its usual walk before the fireworks are set off and ensure you keep your dog on a lead at all times. Make sure you are home well before any fireworks may start.

• Keep your dog indoors with windows and doors securely closed but keep internal doors open so they don’t feel trapped

• Try to soundproof your house, such as drawing curtains and blinds and draft excluders

• Provide background noise such as the TV, radio or other music, it is a good idea to start this in advance of the fireworks starting

• Ensure your dog has access to a place where it can go and settle if distressed — this may be its bed, but you can also offer an alternative such as a blanket under a table with some of your old clothes as this will provide somewhere to hide and will be a comfort to your pet

• Try to remain as normal as possible.


If you have any concerns for your dog's safety please consult your vet , there are lots of different options for any pets that will become very distressed and this can help prevent them hurting themselves.

Stay safe this bonfire night.

Posted On: 02/11/2017

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