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Exercising your Older Dog

As our canine friends get older, their needs start to change. They start to slow down a little bit, their diet may need adjusting, and you may find that they sleep for just that little bit longer. You will probably also notice them moving slower, but all of this doesn’t mean that they don’t need as much exercise anymore. Older dogs still need to get up and move, but with a little adjustment, you can make it easy and comfortable for them.

Both physical and mental stimulation is key for our older canines. This will help keep their body and mind active. Treat toys are a great idea as they work as a puzzle for the dog to ty to get the treat out. (Barker & Barker Natural Dog Treats are perfect for hiding! They are so delicious and being low fat you can use more!) They have to think about it and physically move it about. If your dog can still go up and down stairs, make sure they do so a couple times a day. This will help keep their joints and muscles moving, preventing them from stiffening up so much. If stairs are difficult, then ramps can still have them use muscles to help them get up and down.

Make sure you still get regular walks in, but you need to be careful not to overdo it. If you find your dog is exhausted, then stop. Another great outdoor activity for them is swimming since it is easy on joints, just like for humans. Of course, you will need to supervise and keep this activity short since they can’t tell you when they have had enough! Even a small kiddie pool can be fun since dogs like to jump in and have a splash in the warmer months. Why not try out your local canine hydrotherapist? They are trained in working with dogs of all ages and can help manage arthritis and joint pain in older pets.

It's a great idea to watch what you feed your older dog, if  they are not exercising as much, they will not need as much food, but you can still offer treats if you choose the right ones.. and Barker & Barker natural dog treats are the perfect choice with great taste while low fat!

There’s no need to stop the exercise regime completely. Just make a few changes to help your pal out in his or her senior years.

Posted On: 27/09/2017

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