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Doggie Day Care And Pet Sitting - Is It Right For Your Dog?

“Doggie Daycare” where you bring your dogs to play for the day is rising in popularity - it has seen a huge rise in availability in the past couple of years, perhaps as a combination of us working longer hours and acknowledgement that our dogs do not like to be left alone for long periods.. For anyone who doesn't know, it gives your pooch a chance to make pals with others at a home or centr just for them. For years, we have been leaving our dogs at home while we go out, so is this new concept really necessary?

Doggie Daycare is a boarding place where you drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up later in the day. Some people provide this in their own homes (if you are choosing such a place, just check they have a licence from their council and insurance)  and others set up in a centre.  There are places to play indoors and outdoors with toys just for them, and they are normally run by people who adore dogs. If you work long hours, then it could be something to consider, but it depends on your dog’s disposition and if they would fit in well, particularly if they have seperation anxiety.

Obviously, doggie daycare is for a lot of dogs. If your canine does not get on well with other canines, is shy or nervous, then doggie daycare would not be a great place for them. Staff would not want to risk harm to your pet, other dogs, or themselves in the event of your pooch becoming spooked. However, if your dog is outgoing and sociable, loves to play, and has a lot of energy, then it can be really beneficial. Leaving a dog alone for long hours that has a lot of energy will only get bored, and boredom can lead to unwelcome messes for when you return. There are specific carers who will take on just one or two dogs, so if you have a dog with a behavioural issues, it may be worth seeing what is available in your area and what specialisms are on offer.

Finally, the cost is something to take into consideration. It is often an expensive choice, but if you know your dog would absolutely love it and you spend a lot of time away from the home where they would otherwise be alone, then it can be a great choice that keeps them very happy.

Posted On: 15/10/2017

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