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Beco Ball on a Rope - LARGE

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Large BecoThings Beco Ball on Rope Green

Providing your dog with fun for hours on end, the Beco Ball on rope is made from natural rubber and cotton, which are both strong and durable. The cotton rope is easy to grip and means the pet owner can get a bit of extra throwing distance in the park without putting their arm out. This pet toy is naturally toxin free and better for the environment!


Key Benefits

  • Ball made from strong natural rubber and rice husk fibres
  • Contains natural vanilla essence to scent the rubber toys to keep them and your hands fresh during play time
  • Rope made from 100% natural cotton & is thick enough for gnawers
  • Great for combining fetch and tug-of-war
  • Toxin free

Size Guide

Large – 7.5cm diameter ball, Length 33cm



As with all toys your dog should be supervised during play and the toy taken away if it becomes damaged.  This is a fetch and tug toy rather than a sit down and chew toy, so please bear this in mind when you give this to your dog.

No toys are indestructable so if your dog is a power chewer then make sure you keep an eye out for any damage.

Testing note from Barker & Barker - our two doodles love these and we find them great for long distance throwing.  However one of our 'testers' is a power chewer and he can strip chunks of rubber off this toy given half a chance (this is the fate that befell the first Beco Ball on a Rope we gave him!!).  If your dog is the same then we recommend you take it from them when you have finished playing.  The all cotton rope is very durable.


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